“Nothing in the universe ever grew from the outside in.”

Richard Wagamese - Embers


Understand Your-Self Better

When we understand our-Self and our motivations better we can begin to change.  I see my role as helping you to know, become more aware and see your-Self more clearly so you can begin to move differently in your world.
Deeper awareness is really the movement towards lasting change.


Individual Counselling

A place to explore where you feel stuck in life; being curious about the internal narratives that reappear in different situations, that keep you from living the life you want.  Sometimes the scripts are from childhood or from past abuse or trauma, depression or anxiety. 

The place I create for you is safe and non-judgemental, so you can feel free to be open and honest and begin to face what keeps resurfacing for you.  Together we explore and help you understand yourself and learn new ways to navigate the paths of life.  New ways to be more authentically the person you want to be.


Relationship Counselling

This can be a place for a tune up; building skills that keep your relationship growing and improving.  This can also be a place for some harder work, repairing broken trust, healing after an affair or a major life stressor.

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Soul Conversations 
Spiritual Direction

Soul conversations are to help you discover your hidden gem, your soul beauty; depth and connection to your own soul. Recognizing that we are like a geode; uniquely intricate and spectacularly beautiful on the inside, yet possibly rough and a bit sharp on the outside. This work can involve an unfolding, a becoming more of who you really are, on the inside. 

Spiritual Direction is accompanying you on this deep journey to the inner garden of your heart, where LOVE/God resides.  Helping you to discover your own path in that garden towards LOVE's presence and outstretched arms.


Women's Soul Circles

Rest and community for weary souls

I have a dream, one I have had for over 20 years. A dream of a place where women could go and be with like-minded women and speak openly and honestly regarding their inner voice.  A place where women can be really seen, where they can be honestly heard; a place of acceptance and love.  A gathering that will leave shame and fear at the door, and have love enter as a way of being for self and for other.  A group that creates space for a deeper meeting of the other; soul meeting soul.  A sacred space where women of all ages can celebrate their feminine side, could accept that part of themselves and learn from the Spirit/God wisdom deep inside each of them; the wisdom of body, the wisdom of heart, the wisdom of mind and the wisdom of soul - which is all wisdom from God.

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Soul Shabbat

Divine part of a living being
Period of rest, time for reflection

Designed to help women slow down and listen to their soul, to rest in Presence.

These are standalone evenings offered once a month with different themes on soul rest. 

Currently meeting at the Mark Centre in Abbotsford; 

next meetings are:

March 16, April 20 & May 18, 2022.

Tickets required as seating is limited.

Anam Cara

Soul Friend in Gaelic
Spiritual Formation Group
Year One

A journey of 12 months with the same group of women. 

When I joined Anam Cara I knew, deep inside of myself, that this was right for me and that it was the space I had longed for. I had struggled to spend time away from family and work just for me and this was a gift I began to give myself. This group changed my life, I found the gift of journeying with other women soul to soul so transformative. 

I will be facilitating an Anam Cara group in the Fraser Valley beginning in August 2022-2023.


"The soul requires duration of time  . . . rich, thick, deep, velvety time . . . and it thrives on rhythm.
Soul can't be hurried or harried."

Robert Sandello